SuVitas International

Suvitas International

Some of the Issues Medical Tourists Face Post-Discharge:

  • Receiving quality nursing care or doctor supervision while recovering from their surgery
  • Finding affordable guesthouse/accommodation close to a hospital
  • Communicating with non-medical/medical staff due to language barrier
  • Logistical issues pertaining to food, transportation, accommodation, etc.

Why is Suvitas Relevant for Medical Tourism Patients?

  • 24/7 skilled nursing care and daily doctor supervision
  • Fully equipped physiotherapy rehabilitation center with a team of in-house physiotherapists
  • Nursing staff fluent in Arabic with professional experience in the Middle East/North Africa
  • Individually tailored diet plans and meal provisions
  • Close proximity to all of Hyderabad’s major multispecialty hospitals (Apollo, Continental, Yashoda etc.)

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    Facility | Physiotherapy

    SuVitas has successfully offered rehabilitation therapy to international patients who came to India from the nations of Oman, Yemen, Singapore and the USA in the past year. Several of these cases were high-priority intensive cases ranging from strokes to road traffic accident cases who have come to us with brain injuries and poly-trauma. Each of the patients were accompanied by family members who traveled overseas to provide support and reassurance to their ailing loved ones.  At SuVitas, the family and attendants of all our medical tourists had the ability to completely focus on supporting the patient through the process of recovery without having to be disturbed by planning the logistics of accommodation, home-care, diet etc.

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