What is the SuVitas Rehablitation Program?

It’s a customized care plan that is designed around the patient’s needs. The skilled medical, nursing as well as rehabilitation care that is provided helps in early, effective & empowered recovery from an illness/injury

Who can benefit from a rehabilitation program?

A rehabilitation program can be beneficial in a wide range of medical conditions. Rehabilitation services are used for:

  • Patients who are recovering from any major surgery such as cardio, orthopaedic or neurosurgery
  • Patients recovering from acute trauma or injuries to ligaments, tendons, bones, nerves or muscles
  • Patients recovering from a major Neurological disease including Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson disease, brain and spinal cord injury
  • Women – pre natal, post natal & gynaecology
  • Those suffering from age-related conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Patients who are suffering from symptomatic conditions such as chronic muscular & joint pain

What are the components of SuVitas’ Rehab Program?

A rehab program covers a number of aspects and is always a combination of various therapies. Our rehab program has components such as:

  • Comprehensive post-op & rehab care program
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Customized activity & exercise plan
  • Counselling and psychological assessment
  • Constant education and support- this helps the patient make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Opportunities to interact with other patients

What are the benefits of a rehabilitation program?

A rehab program becomes the basis for a patient to move back to normalcy after and illness/injury and there are a number of benefits such as:

  • Effective Post-Operative Recovery after a surgery at a hospital
  • Preventing Future Complications and speeding up the healing process
  • Patients are empowered as they are provided education and support with their illness/ injury and are able to manage their health in a better way
  • Gives patients direction about making positive lifestyle changes that help in sustaining health and overall wellness
  • Improves the quality of life

Why opt for SuVitas’ services?

  • We adopt a very holistic approach to recovery, health and wellness and a very focused approach to helping a patient function at better levels, making him/her more independent in terms of carrying out daily activities
  • A state-of-the-art, centrally-located medical facility
  • 24/7 in-house medical support at the facility
  • Multidisciplinary team designs a comprehensive care plan
  • Highly trained and experienced professionals who are specialized in rehab care
  • Family involvement at all times
  • Group therapy conducted by trained professionals and family, friends and other patients will be involved in it
  • Reach out to the primary physician
  • Post-discharge follow-up engagement program which includes day-care, communication via email or phone as well as reunion sessions at our centre

Who is on SuVitas’ team?

  • SuVitas has a very robust, qualified, highly-experienced and compassionate team that comprises of:
    • Nursing staff
    • Physiotherapists
    • Occupational therapist
    • Psychologist/Counsellor
    • Speech therapist
    • Dieticians
    • Wellness Coaches
    • Paramedical team
    • Musician/Artist

How does SuVitas handle a medical emergency?

  • We have a highly trained staff; the minute an emergency is detected, the patient will be referred to the nearest medical centre or one of your choice.

Do you have any admission criteria?

Yes. Every prospective patient is required to get medical clearance before admission. Our medical team, supervised by our medical director will go through all the medical records and test results and make a decision.

What is the duration of the rehabilitation program?

Once the medical evaluation has been completed, based on your medical condition & care requirements, the SuVitas Care team will suggest an appropriate program and provide timelines for the same.

What is the cost of the program?

Since every patient will have an individualized care plan, the package we propose and its cost, will vary- this is generally much lower that what you would pay at any corporate facility.

What will the level of my recovery be?

The recovery timeframe will be dependent on your specific injury/illness. While someone who has suffered an orthopaedic injury may recover faster, a patient who has suffered a stroke may take longer to recover. In very severe cases, the recovery is much faster in the first few weeks or months, but complete recovery may take years.

We help and support you to get back to the highest level of recovery possible while you are at our facility. Post that we educate and guide you about how you can improve your level of health once you go home

What is the ambience at SuVitas like?

We always maintain a very homely atmosphere and are not like a typical busy hospital setting. The common areas such as the library, home theatre, pantry etc create a more informal space which adds to your comfort levels

What kind of food do you serve your patients?

We serve nutritious, homely, fresh, tasty and customised food.

Can my personal attendant stay at the facility with me?

Yes, one attendant is permitted to stay with you

Are there any specific visiting hours?

No, we don’t do not like to regiment this aspect. The SuVitas facility is like home and guests are free to visit you.

What happens once I get discharged?

We continue to stay connected with our patients and help you keep your overall health and wellness on track.

What about Logistics from a tertiary care hospital?

Once you keep us informed in advance, we will arrange for the pick-up in a very guided manner

How can I be in touch with my loved ones while I am here?

We are very technologically-driven and ensure that you are connected with your family via Skype and FaceTime, which makes you feel completely at home when you are here.

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